We’re doing something new this year – the hackathon.

During the afternoon of the Sunday, you will be put into teams. Each team will get a specific problem UAEM currently face. For example, “Having been put on hold by the university administration, my chapter has now lost momentum.”

You will have a set time limit to create one of the following: (each problem will be specific to one or two)

  • Messages: as part of the communications efforts – how to better explain the problem and the solution to target audiences.
  • Creative Tactics: tactics/events/tools that could help promote the goal (it could be physical, electronic, an activity, etc. – not limited to these)
  • Strategy: create a strategy to solve the problem. Define a concrete goal and then the set of actions to achieve it. (eg. writing training courses, chapter projects to cover any opportunities that we are missing at campus level or even proposed amendments to current UAEM strategy)

Once your time is over, you’ll pitch your idea to judges who will then decide the winner of each problem.

This is what we aim to get out of the hackathon:

  • To generate and develop ideas for projects and resources that will further UAEM’s progression towards its goals, via a variety of potential avenues e.g. student empowerment.
  • For participants to “self-train” in creative problem solving and innovative thinking. Points should be awarded for intelligent abstract thinking.
  • For participants to further their teamwork skills and engage in group work with new people – points should be given for demonstrations of effective teamwork

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