The following speakers have been confirmed:

Rohit Malpani

Rohit Malpani is Director of Policy and Analysis at Médecins Sans Frontières’ (MSF) Access Campaign. Prior to this, Mr. Malpani was Special Advisor, Policy and Campaigns Unit for Oxfam Hong Kong. Previously, he served as Senior Campaigns Advisor at Oxfam America – an international development and humanitarian agency where he managed Oxfam’s access to medicines campaign, provided advice to Oxfam on the intersection of intellectual property and development, and also served as a corporate campaigns advisors with Oxfam America’s Private Sector Department. Previously, he worked as a human rights advisor to the World Health Organization and the International Labor Organization, and also with local civil society groups in Thailand and Argentina. Mr. Malpani started his legal career as an intellectual property attorney with the law firm of Wilson, Sonsini, Goodrich and Rosati. He has a Doctorate of Jurisprudence from the New York University School of Law and a Bachelor of Arts from Rice University.


Christian Wagner-Ahlfs

Christian Wagner-Ahlfs (born 1968) is chemist (PhD) and works as Project Manager at BUKO Pharma-Kampagne in Germany. Main working areas are national and international advocacy on access to medicine, patent systems and patient information. Many lectures and publications about new incentives for social responsible Research&Development. Editor-in-chief for the magazine Gute Pillen – Schlechte Pillen

Since 2008: coordinator for the German research project med4all, dealing with the concept of Equitable Licensing. This concept is aimed to make research from publicly funded institutions available for developing countries.

Since 2011: member of Health Action International Foundation board

2007-2008: coordinating HAI global member activities related to the World Health Organization “Intergovernmental Working Group on Innovation, Public Health and Intellectual Property rights (IGWG)”.

Since 2005: editor-in-chief for the magazine Gute Pillen – Schlechte Pillen, a German magazine for consumers, giving information about drugs and therapies, independent from industry.


Jamie Love

Mr. Love is the Director of Knowledge Ecology International (KEI). Mr. Love is also the U.S. co-chair of the Trans-Atlantic Consumer Dialogue (TACD) Intellectual Property Policy Committee, and the chair of the Essential Inventions board of directors. He advises UN agencies, national governments, international and regional intergovernmental organizations and public health NGOs, and is the author of a number of articles and monographs on innovation and intellectual property rights. In 2006, Knowledge Ecology International received a MacArthur Award for Creative and Effective Institutions. In 2013, Love received the EFF Pioneer Award, to recognize leaders who extend freedom and innovation in the realm of information technology.


Sarah Chan

Sarah Chan is a Research Fellow in Bioethics and Law and Deputy Director of the Institute for Science Ethics and Innovation (iSEI) at The University of Manchester.  She received degrees in molecular biology and law from the University of Melbourne and trained as a scientist for a number of years before moving to work in science policy.  In 2005 she took up a post as Research Fellow at the Centre for Social Ethics and Policy at the University of Manchester, where she also studied for a Master’s in Health Care Ethics and Law and a PhD in Human Geography.  She has been a Research Fellow at iSEI since 2008, where she works on the ethical and policy implications of new medical technologies.  Her current projects include an AHRC Network Award and a Wellcome Trust project on ethics in neuroscience, and a British Academy-funded collaboration on transnational policy and law in relation to stem cell therapies.


Adi Dagan

Campaigns and Campus Organizer for UAEM Europe

Adi Dagan has been a communications coordinator for various social and political movements in Israel for more than 10 years. She consulted and trained NGOs and activists (including students` groups) in strategic planning of media work and campaigns. She has been a volunteer for a new general trade union and mentored and assisted workers` leaderships in all the phases of union organisation.


Ken Shadlen

Dr Shadlen specializes in comparative and international political economy.

His current research addresses the politics of intellectual property (IP), and the politics of North-South economic integration. He also works on the political economy of bilateral and regional trade agreements and the World Trade Organisation. He is particularly interested in the role of IP and knowledge in development, both historically and in the contemporary global economy. His work analyzes the implications of the new global regime for IP on both industrialization and technological transformation and also public health, and the various ways that the new global norms and rules for IP are transmitted to the national level and affect national practices. The working title of his new book is Knowledge Gaps, Knowledge Traps?: The New Politics of Patents in Development.


Saoirse Fitzpatrick

Saoirse Fitzpatrick is the coordinator for the Student Stop AIDS Campaign, a network of young people in the UK who use advocacy and creative activism to improve the international response to HIV and AIDS. The campaign has focused primarily on fighting for universal access to medicines and is currently pushing for R&D reform. Saoirse has previously worked for RESULTS UK primarily on their TB and Mining campaign and has also been involved in various sustainable food producing projects in Malawi and Mozambique. She studied at SOAS and did a Masters in Postcolonial theory at Goldsmiths College.

saoirse linked in

Joseph McArthur

Joseph McArthur is the Assistant Director of the Right to Research Coalition, SPARC’s student initiative. Joe works to further strengthen the Right to Research Coalition’s engagement with its membership of more than 75 student organizations, which collectively represent nearly 7 million students in over 100 countries around the world.


Chas Bountra

Chas is Professor of Translational Medicine in the Nuffield Department of Clinical Medicine and Associate Member of the Department of Pharmacology at the University of Oxford. He is also a Visiting Professor in Neuroscience and Mental Health at Imperial College, London. Chas is an invited expert on several government and charitable research funding bodies, and an advisor for many academic, biotech and pharma drug discovery programmes.


Diarmaid McDonald

Diarmaid joined STOPAIDS in January 2010 to lead the campaigning and advocacy work on the financing of the AIDS response and access to medicines. He helped to coordinate the activities of the members and supported the work of partners at the Student Stop AIDS Campaign.


Tessel Mellema

Tessel is the policy advisor on Trade, Innovation & Access to Medicines at Health Action International (HAI). Her work includes monitoring EU trade policies with particular interest in access to medicines, and exploring new R&D models that promote affordable access.


Celine Grillon, of Medecins Du Monde

Celine was the Project manager of human rights at Ministère des Affaires étrangères et du Développement international before she stepped up to the coordinator of international advocacy at Act-Up Paris.


Harry Thangaraj

Dr Thangaraj’s main research interests lie within the area of ethical and socially responsible management of intellectual property (IP), with particular emphasis in managing IP to help make available health technologies and products at the lowest possible cost, to poorer populations in low-to-middle income countries. A corresponding aspect is also the “socially responsible licensing” of health technologies protected by IP (principally, patents) in a manner that balances commercial imperatives and profit with social imperatives such as affordability and dissemination of knowledge.


Hans Ebbers

Hans Ebbers studied medical biology at the Vrije Universiteit specializing in neuroscience and obtained his masters degree in 2004. During these studies he completed an internship at the department of physiology of Auckland University (NZ). He also obtained a masters degree from the University of Amsterdam in 2006. Between 2006 and 2008 he worked at the medical affairs department of a global biotechnology company. From September 2008, he worked full time as a PhD-student at the department of Pharmacoepidemiology and Clinical Pharmacology of the Utrecht Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, on regulatory challenges associated with biopharmaceuticals. He works as a researcher at the department of Pharmaceutics of the Utrecht Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences and as a teacher at the department of innovation sciences at the Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development.


Katerina Sideri

Dr Katerina Sideri is currently lecturing at The Open University, Greece. During the writing of the book she was Associate Research Fellow at the Centre for Socio-Legal Studies, University of Oxford. Her research interests are in the areas of: Deliberative Governance; Bioethics; Intellectual Property Law and Policy, Biomedical and Biotechnology Patents, Behaviour and Functions of Administrative Agencies. She has published widely on these and related areas.


Melissa Barber

Melissa is a Geneva-based health activist focused on improving access to HIV and TB treatment. She is interested in and has worked on campaigns promoting access to HIV and tuberculosis treatment, socially responsible licensing, the Medicines Patent Pool (MPP), innovative funding mechanisms, increasing global health appropriations, and research funding reform and transparency.


Chelsea Radler

Chelsea is an LSE M.Sc student and London-based strategic communications professional with a background in public service marketing and journalism.

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Lukas Fendel

Lukas Fendel has been serving as an Executive Director to UAEM’s European branch since 2012. He has a study background in the social sciences and humanities. Having served in different coordinating positions with UAEM before his appointment as an ED, Lukas brings extensive hands-on experience in UAEM’s campus-based volunteer work.

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