Facilitator Title
Ken Shadlen Secondary patents, Life-Cycle Management, and Ever-Greening: India in Comparative Perspective
Tessel Mellema How TTIP can damage access to affordable medicines in the European Union
Christian Wagner Alfs Our toolbox: Beyond SRL
Harry Thangaraj Socially Responsible Licensing: Bringing the Public Interest Back into University Tech Transfer”
Joe McArthur Open Access, Open Science and Open Innovation – a fix to the drug problem?
Celine Grillon Sofosbuvir patent opposition in Europe
Jamie Love Landscaping De-linkage
Chas Bountra Society desperately needs more affordable medicines. How can we meet this expectation?
Sarah Chan Genes, Cells and Medicines: Private rights or public goods?
Hans Ebbers Utrecht Centre of Excellence of Affordable Biotherapeutics for Public Health (UCAB)
Katerina Sideri Reflections on good patent governance

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